It is hard to sidestep the fact that this blog is, above an other area, about Eastern Europe. That is how it started, that is how it is likely to continue. However much I am looking forward to discover other places in the world – and my Bucket List is long! – Eastern Europe will always be my first love. I can passionately fret about the fact that most all my favorite countries are object to stereotypes, fears and misconceptions that keep people from going there. I hate the fact that, apart from maybe Prague and Budapest, for a lot of people Europe seems to end at Germany’s Eastern boarder. I hate it more than the fact that a lot of people confuse Bavaria and Germany, and that’s really saying something! My greatest wish is for my writing to inspire people to rethink their images of Eastern Europe. It is an incredible region full of beauty and passion, with gorgeous cities, unspeakable landscapes and amazing people all the way from Estonia down to Albania.

Pasym, Poland

Kotor, MontenegroBlagaj, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Lahemaa, EstoniaNonetheless I hope you enjoy my writing about other places as well. I am hoping to add a few more continents to the list too – and of course there are my posts about my home, Germany. Travelling also changes your perspective to your own home, and sometimes I feel compelled to writing about the things that surround me every day, because sometimes I see them as if I saw them for the first time, as if I was a traveller in my own city, a foreigner in my own country. That is when I truly understand the power that travel has over me.

TV tower, Berlin, Germany